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Use IT Profiler to perform technology assessment and generate actionable reports.


Simple Assessment Delegation model allows technology assessments by IT Teams.

Single Console -

IT Profiler can help MSPs perform assessment of multiple technologies from a single computer.
The Only Proven Alternative to Microsoft RAP Services
DynamicPacks IT Health Profiler is your Microsoft RAP services alternative. Whether you plan to do assessment of Microsoft Active Directory, Hyper-V, Microsoft DHCP, Microsoft Hyper-V or Cyber Security assessment, DynamicPacks IT Health Profiler ships with necessary Health & Security Dynamic Packs to perform a complete health & risk assessment of Microosft Key Server technologies and provide an actionable report.

Assessment Datasheet

Struggling to convince clients they need a health & security assessment? Get the materials you need to create a strong foundation for your risk assessment offering and easily demonstrate its value to even the most stubborn customers.

Learn the differences between Microsoft RAP Services and DynamicPacks IT Health Profiler.

DynamicPacks IT Health Profiler comes in two editions; IT Profiler PRO and IT Profiler ENTERPRISE. IT Profiler PRO is designed to perform assessment of a single technology. Whereas IT Profiler ENTERPRISE is designed for performing assessment of multiple technologies from a single computer.

Grab Your Opportunity
Today’s clients are demanding more and more from IT Service Providers. DynamicPacks Technologies gives you the power to exceed those growing client expectations with a truly unified risk assessment solution. You can improve infrastructure performance and accelerate your business results – all through using an automated Health & Risk Assessment solution.

You can bridge the skills gap by tapping into our automated risk assessment software solution. Our teams are constantly researching and developing more Dynamic Packs to stay ahead of the technology curve and anticipate your next assessment requirement.

Use our software solution for Service Improvement Plans. We help you introduce improvement of overall infrastructure health and reduction of risks as part of your Service Improvement Plans. Get technology assessment done by multiple IT Teams.
If you are an MSP or an IT Service Provider, IT Profiler is for you. Use IT Health Profiler As A Service to provide great values to your customers.
Assessment Technologies & Checks
DynamicPacks IT Profiler supports Microsoft Active Directory, Office 365, DHCP Server and CyberSecurity Assessments. More Dynamic Packs are designed to cover more Microsoft Technologies.

Microsoft Active Directory

110 AD Health & Security Checks in 8 categories. Designed to check health of Active Directory.

For Microsoft Active Directory, we help you check critical components such as AD Replication, stale accounts, AD Forest health check items. Microsoft Active Directory Assessment is performed in a total of eight categories.
  • 80 Health Checks
  • 30 Security Checks
  • Provides Recommendations to fix the issues

Microsoft Office 365

80 Office Health & Security Checks in 10 categories. Designed to check Office 365 compliance items.

For Microsoft Office 365, we help you check Office 365 security and compliance items. Office 365 assessment is different from Office 365 Security Score! Office 365 Assessment is performed in a total of 10 categories.
  • 60 Health Checks
  • 20 Security Checks
  • Provides Recommendations to fix the issues

Microsoft DHCP Server

34 DHCP Health & Security in 6 Categories. Designed to check DHCP components such as Scopes.

For Microsoft DHCP Server, we help you check DHCP Server settings, DHCP Database, DHCP Scope utilizations, etc. DHCP Server Assessment is performed in a total of six categories.
  • 20 Health Checks
  • 14 Security Checks
  • Provides Recommendations to fix the issues

Microsoft Cyber Security

CyberSecurity Dynamic Packs are designed to check endpoints and various items on endpoints.

IT Profiler can perform Cyber Security Assessment in an Active Directory environment. We help you check endpoints security configuration and also check network shares and other security items.
  • 40 Health Checks
  • 10 Security Checks
  • Provides Recommendations to fix the issues
Automated Solution
DynamicPacks IT Profiler is an automated solution which leverages PowerShell based scripts to perform health & risk assessment of target systems. MSPs can use our automated solution to save time on health and risk assessment initiatives. With a few clicks be able to generate actionable reports