Try DynamicPacks IT Profiler

DynamicPacks IT Health Profiler is a read-only product. It doesn’t make any changes to the target systems.

  • No need of SQL Database
  • Perform Read-Only Operations
  • No Infrastructure Changes needed
  • No need to install Agents
  • Required PowerShell Modules can be installed automatically
Download PRO or Enterprise Edition

DynamicPacks IT Health Profiler comes in two editions; PRO and Enterprise. IT Health Profiler PRO edition is available for each technology. Enterprise edition supports assessment of multiple technologies from a single console. Enterprise version is sometimes referred to as MSP Version.

DynamicPacks IT Health Profiler

Designed to perform quick health & risk assessment and generate a report.

  • Try all assessment technologies
  • Use Packs Manager to edit existing code or design new packs
  • Register multiple Active Directory Forests
  • Register multiple Office 365 Subscriptions

No. DynamicPacks IT Profiler does not write anything to target technology such as Active Directory. The IT Profiler uses PowerShell cmdlets “GET” command to read the information via Assessment Packs and report back to IT Profiler for reporting purposes.

No. Unfortunately, you cannot install another PRO version on a computer where IT Profiler PRO is already installed. If you would like to perform assessment of multiple technologies, we encourage you to download IT Profiler Enterprise Edition instead.

DynamicPacks IT Health Profiler does not require SQL Database to store information. All of the information collected by Assessment Packs are stored in the CSV files on the local computer.
The trial version let you execute assessment of target technology but issues will be masked. Actual issues will not be shown.