We Did the Hard Work, You Reap The Benefits!
  • No need to install Agents on target computers
  • No SQL Database needed
  • No Service Accounts needed
Notable Features

Perform health & security assessment of Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft DHCP Server and Cyber Security Assessment.


Delegate Health Profiles to multiple IT Teams within an organisation and send assessment reports to senior engineer for review.

Easy to Use

Preparing IT Profiler
  • Install PowerShell Modules
  • Add Antivirus Exclusion
  • Install Technology License
  • Obtain Target License
  • Register Target
  • Test Target Connectivity
Create Target Health Profile
  • Health Profile Name
  • Select Assessment Target
  • Add Dynamic Packs
Execute Target
Health Profile
  • Open Assessment Profile
  • Execute Profile
  • Generate Summary
  • Open Profiler Reporter
  • Provider Reporting Inputs
  • Generate Report

Quickly View Issues in Profiler Dashboard

Delegate Assessment

Use Assessment Delegation feature of IT Profiler to delegate Assessment Profiles to IT Teams and make them responsible for checking technology components they own!
  • Use same IT Profiler MSI
  • Enable Delegation Feature by creating two AD security groups
  • No Service Accounts needed

More Features

Unlimited Assessment Profiles

An Health Profile is an assessment unit. An Assessment Profile contains a target and Dynamic Packs for the target. IT Profiler supports creating unlimited Health Profiles.

Brand Your Reports

Customize reports generated by IT Health Profiler. The reports are generated in Microsoft Word format so you can change logo and other texts as necessary.

Import/Export Profiles

Export assessment profile data for analyzing at off-site location. Export profiles and send to another IT Profiler user for reviewing and preparing the report.

Design Your Own Health Check

If you know PowerShell Scripting, you can use Dynamic Packs Manager to design new Dynamic Packs and import them into IT Profiler for assessment of any target.

Credential Support

Add multiple credentials to manage different assessment targets from single computer. For example, you can add two AD Forests and credential to connect.

Customized Reporting

Modify Default Severity, issue, impact and recommendations and generate a Microsoft Word Summary based on the reporting templates of your choice.

Assessment Delegation

DynamicPacks IT Profiler supports delegating Health Profiles to multiple IT Teams within an organisation. As part of the assessment delegation feature, you create multiple Health Profiles that contain Dynamic Pack for different technologies. For example, you can create an Health Profile that contains the Dynamic Packs for Active Directory and then delegate that profile to AD Administrators. Similarly, you create another Assessment Profile that contains the Dynamic Packs for Office 365 and then delegate that profile to Office 365 Admins and so on.