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IT Health Profiler


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Health & Security Assessment Of Microsoft Ecosystem​

DynamicPacks IT Health Profiler is capable of performing health & security assessment of Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft DHCP Server. Product can also be used to perform Cyber Security Assessment.
Go to Reports Issues and Severity

Reports Issues and Severity

IT Profiler can report on issues, severity and recommendations to fix the issue.

Go to Generates Actionable Report

Generates Actionable Report

IT Profiler lets you generate a customized report which includes actionable items.

Go to Add Custom Health & Security Checks

Add Custom Health & Security Checks

Use IT Profiler DynamicPacks Manager to create new PowerShell-based Dynamic Packs of your choice.

Go to Delegate Technology Assessment

Delegate Technology Assessment

Use Assessment Delegation feature of IT Profiler to have assessment done by multiple IT Teams.

Assessment Technologies

More Dynamic Packs are designed to cover more Microsoft Technologies.

Microsoft Active Directory

110 AD Health & Security Checks in 8 categories. Designed to check health of Active Directory. More checks can be added on fly.

Microsoft Office 365

80 Office Health & Security Checks in 10 categories. Designed to check Office 365 compliance items.

Microsoft DHCP Server

34 DHCP Health & Security in 6 Categories. Designed to check DHCP components such as Scopes.

Microsoft Cyber Security

CyberSecurity Dynamic Packs are designed to check endpoints and various items on endpoints. Can collect Endpoint list automatically.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft Azure Cloud Dynamic Packs are designed to check VMs and various items on VMs. Supports multiple subscriptions.

Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange Dynamic Packs are in development. 40 Packs to check health of Exchange Services.

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